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Value of a Conditional Approval

Discover the convenience of a conditional approval letter, and how it can make your home buying experience easier from start to finish. Learn how you can get a conditional approval decision.
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Getting a Good Deal

Review factors that will help you to gain insight into how much down payment you can afford, and find the home and mortgage loan that fits your financial needs.
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Home Equity Borrowing vs. Refinancing

Understand the difference between borrowing against the equity in your home and refinancing, and discover the pros and cons of each.
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Purchase Closing Costs and Fees

Plan for a smooth closing by reviewing descriptions of closing costs, prepare for the steps that may be involved, and understand the types of fees that may apply to your loan.
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About Your Credit

Learn why credit is an important consideration when you apply for a mortgage, why your credit score is important, how your credit score is calculated, and more.
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