Keep tabs on your accounts with email alerts

You can set up email alerts so you know if a bill was paid, if your balance is low, if a deposit was made and much more. Plus, we automatically email you if, for example, personal information such as your password or home address is ever changed.

With Alerts, you can:

  • Manage your money efficiently
    Stay on top of all your bank accounts using balance and deposit alerts. You can track your balance, view account activity, see when deposits are made and when bill payments are due.
  • Avoid unnecessary fees
    Set up balance, bill pay and transfer alerts to help ensure you don’t pay late fees on bills and know what your balance is at all times. Plus, we’ll alert you in the event your account is overdrawn.
  • Receive automatic alerts
    You'll receive an alert automatically any time there are changes to your personal information, unsuccessful login attempts, or password changes.

How to get started

To set up Alerts, you need to:

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