Online Statements


Everything but the envelope

The information in your online bank statement is same as it is in the paper version. You can also access everything else that would've been in the envelope—check images, bank notices and special offers.

What you get

  • Statements and cancelled checks for the past 18-months
  • Easy access—view, print and save them anytime
  • Printouts that mirror the paper version
  • Monthly emails when your statement is ready

Your 1099-INT is also presented online each January and remains available for three years.

TIAA Direct Bank Statement shows Summary; Account Summary; Account Activity; Charges

How to start

To view your statements and check images, log in to  and select Statements.

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    Are all my accounts on one statement?

    Your monthly statement includes your Interest Checking, CD, High Yield Savings and Money Market accounts. If you have a mortgage or home equity line of credit with us, you’ll receive separate statements for each.

  • Are all my accounts on one statement?
  • How do I switch to paperless statements?

    To stop receiving your bank statements by mail, just change your delivery preference.

    1. Log into and select Manage Services.
    2. Choose Statement Delivery, then select Paperless.

    It can take 1-2 months for this change to take effect, so you might receive your next statement or two by mail.

  • How do I switch to paperless statements?
  • What are check images?

    They're scanned images of cleared checks (aka cancelled checks) written from your Interest Checking and Money Market accounts.

  • What are check images?
  • What is a 1099-INT?

    Officially called IRS Form 1099-INT, your "1099" is a summary of the interest income earned on your checking, savings, money market and CD accounts, and on US Savings bonds. Each January, you (and the IRS) will receive your 1099-INT from each bank that paid more than $10 in interest on those accounts.

    Here’s what a 1099-NT looks like:


    Source: Internal Revenue website

  • What is a 1099-INT?
  • Does everyone receive a 1099-INT?

    You'll receive a 1099-INT if the combined interest earned on all your TIAA Direct deposit accounts exceeds $10 for the calendar year.

    When your 1099-INT is available online, you’ll receive an email. With joint accounts, the email is sent to the primary account owner, who is the only one who can view the 1099-INT online.

  • Does everyone receive a 1099-INT?